Latest News: August 11th, 2007
  • Shusuke Kaneko has just returned from New York and Montreal where his films Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name screened. The New York shows, which ran between July 6 and July 8, were sponsored by Japan Society. Mr. Kaneko introduced each film and following screenings fielded questions from the audience.

    The Montreal shows were part of Fantasia Film Festival and marked Mr. Kaneko's third visit to the city and the festival. As in New York, the double feature played to sell-out crowds with Mr. Kaneko introducing the films and later answering questions poised by the audience.

    Click here to see photos from both Mr. Kaneko's trip to New York and Montreal:
Past News
  • Last year, Shusuke Kaneko scored two number one hits in a row with his live-action adaptations of the popular manga Death Note. For more information, read on...

  • In 2005, Kaneko directed six episodes of Ultraman Max, the latest incarnation of the enduring series from Tsuburaya Productions. Continue reading for a new piece on Ultraman Max by Bob Johnson, as well as all-new exclusive set photos:

  • Welcome to the revamped Shusuke Kaneko Information Website! Hopefully the navigation will be a little clearer and the updates a lot less infrequent.

    Since the last update a lot has been going on for director Kaneko. His involvement with the Ultraman Max show has been given high marks by fans of the long running series. In the next update look for a piece on Ultraman Max by writer Bob Johnson and some exclusive photos from the set.

    Earlier this year Shusuke Kaneko took on the job of directing the hit manga Death Note. The film opened in Japan on 17 June to booming box office returns, where it held the number one slot for two-weeks, a first for Mr. Kaneko. Slated to be done in two parts, the second half of Death Note has recently finished shooting and is in the final stages of editing. It will open in Japan on 3 November. In the next update look for exclusive photos from the sets of both Death Note 1 and 2.
  • Shusuke Kaneko's God's Left Hand, Devil's Right Hand opened in Japan on 22 July. For a peek into the production, go here:

  • For a look at Mr. Kaneko's action TV series Holy Land, go here:

  • Winners of the Azumi 2 pamphlet give away, go here:

  • Azumi 2: Death or Love has had its world premiere! Follow arrow for a report on the gala event and exclusive photos from the evening. Also, thoughts from Shusuke Kaneko concerning his direction and approach to Azumi 2, as well as details on how to receive an autographed copy of the film's press pamphlet:

  • Shusuke Kaneko is back behind the motion picture camera lens! Working out of Kyoto and various locations in Japan, he is busy directing Azumi 2, follow-up to last year痴 Azumi. For information and an exclusive set report with photos, please click the arrow:

    Shusuke Kaneko is busy directing two episodes of the revived version of Tsuburaya Production's classic TV show Ultra Q. The two Kaneko helmed episodes are entitled "Anata wa dare desu ka" and "Kimera". Both are set to premiere this June on Terebi Tokyo (Channel 12 in Tokyo).

    Starring in "Anata wa dare desu ka" is Yoshimasa Kondo. Godzilla fans will remember him from GMK as the man who tried to take a snapshot of his wife with giant monster Baragon in the distance. For Ultra Q he plays a man who encounters a childhood friend whom he thought had died only to find later from other friends that the man had indeed died during his youth.

    Mr. Kaneko's other episode is entitled "Kimera" and stars Hironobu Nomura, who was featured in Mr. Kaneko's film F. This story revolves around an alcoholic jazz musician and a young girl he meets who has wings on her shoulder.

    Mr. Kaneko is very much enjoying working on the revival of a show that was influential during his youth. Both episodes are scheduled to run in June 2004. For some photos from location shooting of "Anata wa dare desu ka", click here:

  • The beginning of 2004 saw two episodes of the TV show Sky High directed by Shusuke Kaneko. Sky High is a popular show starring actress Shaku Yumiko (Princess Blade / Godzilla against Mechagodzilla) where each week stories center around people who have recently died and their attempt to either rectify unfinished business on Earth or their just saying hang the sense of it all and accent to peace in the After-Life. The episodes helmed by Mr. Kaneko are titled "Hoshi ni Negai" and "Baraku". Ever the fan of Japanese 1960s TV programming, Mr. Kaneko included a cameo of actress Hiroko Sakurai in one segment.
  • Shusuke Kaneko's entry into the now 50 year-old Godzilla series--Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: All-Out Monsters Attack--has finally been released to video in the West. The region 1 DVD of GMK is being distributed by Sony Pictures and is available at stores across the USA.
  • Mr. Kaneko was able to attend two sneak previews of GMK prior to the Egyptian show. The first was on July 19 at the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, Illinois. The screening was heavily attended by fans of Godzilla as it was an extension of G-Fest, an annual event honoring the Japanese giant monster genre.

    For a photographic look at Mr. Kaneko痴 trip to Illinois, click here:
  • GMK was shown a week after this on July 26 at Fantasia, a large, annual film event that showcases Asian films. This marked Mr. Kaneko痴 second visit to the Montreal film festival. Mr. Kaneko was there to promote GMK and prior to its screening took to the stage with long-time Godzilla enthusiast Andre Dubois to kick the evening off.

    For a peek at Mr. Kaneko's trip to Montreal, click here:

    To visit the Fantasia Website, click here:
  • On August 22nd, Mr. Kaneko attended the 29th Yufuin Eiga Sai, a film festival held in Kyushu near to Fukuoka. Part of the event was to remember and honor Isao Tomita, Mr. Kaneko's long time film editor who succumbed to cancer last year. Mr. Tomita was an integral part of "Kaneko-Gumi" and his presence is sorely missed.